Discover the Power of the
LEAP CHRO Searchlight Network

Are you wondering what drives professionals like you and influential industry figures
to join the LEAP CHRO Searchlight network?

Built by Life Sciences CHRO for the Life Sciences CHRO, Searchlight is designed to overcome critical challenges and discover solutions through the exchange of experiences and best practice with innovative peers from across the globe. 

Members believe that true innovation does not happen in isolation, which is why we work as a collective rather than in silo. 

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Members get the change to define and prioritize the most pressing challenges we want to tackle, as well as influence how we tackle them. Among the critical challenges your peers want to address include:


Creating innovative organizational designs to enhance efficiency, scalability, and cost efficiency

Working with the rewards and compensation teams to advance talent engagement and respond to inflation

Embracing a strong DE&I culture within all levels of the organization to become an employer of choice


Adapting to the next generation of hybrid work to maximize cohesion and culture


Developing people leaders to unlock their full potential to maximize their career opportunities


Enhancing connections and cohesion through a hybrid world of work

Who qualifies for LEAP CHRO: Searchlight

Chief People Officers 

Members must be the most senior HR leader in their company to join

Non-Traditional Thinkers

Those most open to new ideas will gain most value from being involved

Committed To The Cause

We welcome those equally engaged in helping the group move forward


Membership brochure

For more information on what’s included as part of the LEAP CHRO: Searchlight membership, please download our membership brochure.

Here’s what you’ll learn more about:

  • The unique mission and purpose of the network
  • What membership includes
  • How the quarterly cornerstone meetings work
  • How bespoke value delivery works
  • How we deliver demonstrable value to you
  • Annual member investment

What's included in Searchlight membership?

Membership allows Life Science CHROs to plug into a ready-made network of hand-picked leaders and pioneers to work with in a facilitated, structured but boundaryless way throughout the year.